Weight Loss Program (Qivana’s METOBOLIQ™ System)

qivanalogo-300x237Qivana’s METABOLIQ™ System is the only complete lifestyle management system that is clinically proven to help you live well, lose weight and look and feel better at every age. Intelligently designed from decades of highly focused research and incredible breakthrough discoveries, this scientifically validated program will naturally improve your lean body tissues and help you lose fat. Following the METABOLIQ System, not only will you lose weight, but you will lose the right weight and forever improve your body composition, no matter what your age.

Simple and straightforward, this program is designed to naturally maximize loss of body fat, nourish and maintain your active muscles and reset and recharge your metabolism. In other words, your body shape, mobility and overall lean body composition will significantly improve. For the first time ever, you can expect real improvements with lasting results, because this program is based on a foundation of proven human clinical research and solid biochemical science, not dubious fads, trends or gimmicks.


The METABOLIQ System is the result of more than three decades of award-winning research by Dr. Donald Layman, a world-leading metabolic specialist and weight-loss research scientist. Qivana has partnered directly with Dr. Layman, and used his expertise and the results of his breakthrough findings to build a simple 90-day system where you can achieve real, reliable, dramatic results.


The METABOLIQ System is based on the concept of macrobalance—eating the right proportions of high-quality proteins, smart carbohydrates and intelligent portions of friendly fats. Getting these portions correctly balanced will forever stabilize your blood sugar, reduce typical energy crashes, eliminate cravings and halt hunger pangs.*

STABILIZE your blood sugar with METABOLIQ™ Shakes and Sticks
to reduce your cravings and fuel your body.*

VITALIZE your metabolism with METABOLIQ™ Boost to burn calories
and accelerate fat loss.*

OPTIMIZE your calories with METABOLIQ™ Resist to block sugar
receptors and inhibit sugar absorption.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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